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Think Shop Buy Local 

April 10, 20 

Thinking local and shopping local is not as easy it used to be.  As we became more mobile & everyone has gone out of the home to work it creates options to buy from the cell phone.  drive thru the small towns instead of stopping and shopping.  I understand.  We have had to change a lot of how we get the consumers business with COVID 19 However we are still here and we need YOU our consumer to remember that we are putting into our community by paying taxes back into the community tax levy.  We value your business.  

The Love of people here today & Gone  

April 9th 

This past week has been very challenging as well as the past 3 weeks have been. When someone decides to choose a location to start a company a lot of things go into that decision.

Mitchell, Nebraska was where I married my husband June 15, 1984 in Mitchell Valley. when my in laws retired off their little farm north of Henry, they bought a home in Mitchell, Nebraska and Homer turned an old run down house into a home we enjoyed celebrating birthdays, the birth of each of our children, holidays. The news of cancer and two lives ending with the cemetery. Two lives well lived.

Mitchell has been part of our entire lives. So when I was looking to grow a company with our children I decided to look downtown Mitchell, Nebraska. I am a nostalgic. My hometown is Torrington, Wyoming and I am proud to tell people. I loved the passion of the community to be mindful to the downtown. When I was growing into the woman I am today, Mitchell and Torrington’s downtown were very similar. They had Kelly Bean, We had Kelly Bean! Torrington had a sugar factory, Mitchell had a sugar factory. We both had a bakery, we both had banks, both had LB Murphy, Ben Franklin, beauty salons, flower shops and restaurants.

What changed! Well in 1986 Wal Mart opened in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and the Mall came.

That changed the way this area bought things. Sam Walton cared about America. He was proud to buy American goods. His competition did not believe that he would ever be the company to exceed them! K Mart & Sears are gone. Yet the heirs of Sam Walton are living lives they did not do the work for. They were born into a world Sam Walton created for them.

1% of the sales from The Scottsbluff, Nebraska location could actually salvage a lot of businesses in this valley! Time changed and each of our shopping behaviors changed. Instead we all make treks to Wal- Mart. What if we invested in our own communities work with local people to sustain and better infrastructure.

Mitchell had the factory close in March of 1996 and in 24 years later because lack of business experts the downtown has lost ground. As neighbors homes have lost value here as well as other small towns just like Mitchell! What can we do? Well it takes people paying taxes into the local city so it can sustain businesses. That money helps keep the school, the city and the nursing home running. We help pay wages for city, golf course, cemetery, swimming pool, dog parks, etc.

When you buy a home you are investing into that community. You pay your taxes and a portion comes back to the city. We can change things by buying shopping local.

Shop local- Be a good neighbor- we can be the change.  

Chocolate Strawberry - Aprils Granola of the Month 

April 8, 20

The love of chocolate coconut & strawberry blended together create an amazing blend of granola that is great in yogurt or on top of granola. 

Our granola is all small batched.  This granola is our April granola of the month. this blend will be available in the store only.  Not on the website.  

12 ounce bags of this will sell for `$ 15

We appreciate your support in this time of great economic stress for small business.  We have a donation link that can help sustain us as well as others in need.  We value you as our customer and cannot wait to see you again in our store.